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photography with true emotion

László Bencze (formerly known as Louis Bencze) works nationally as a photographer of weddings and commercial projects. This website shows several weddings photographed mostly with natural light and with an eye to preserving the reality of the event. László avoids tricks and gimmicks popular among many wedding photographers in favor of modeling himself after such classic photographers as Dorothea Lange, W. Eugene Smith, André Kertesz, Margaret Bourke White, Henri Cartier Bresson, Brassai, Robert Doisneau, and Walker Evans. These photographers focused on the found moment or decisive moment as Bresson phrased it. Their images are rich in life and revelation of the human condition.

Laszlo seeks to please brides who are looking for real life, natural photography of genuine, real moments in life. He also carefully sets up portraits showing his people in contemplative, introspective moods as well as in ebullient, and happy moments with smiles on their faces.

He is well equipped with serious studio lighting equipment and uses it whenever necessary but prefers to the unencumbered moment where natural light from windows or reflections provides a soft enveloping yet revelatory mood to his pictures. Although the bulk of Laszlo Bencze’s pictures are monochromatic sepia, he also shoots substantial amounts of color.

Laszlo puts together, arranges, edits, and mounts the albums so his brides receive a finished wedding album that needs no further attention. They are thrilled to have a cohesive, harmonious, and complete set of pictures that really do tell their story.

Laszlo can be contacted at 800-632-9794.

Here’s a bit more about each of the weddings:

New Orleans wedding. This one was photographed for a couple who hired László after they had already paid a deposit on a local photographer. They were so impressed with Laszlo’s approach they were willing to fly him in from the West Coast. When the bride looked at the picture which is now Laszlo’s lead in photo on his home page, she was so thrilled with it she burst into tears and said, “That one picture alone was worth your entire fee.”

Seattle wedding in the rain. Yes it did rain in Seattle but the bride did not mind at all so no one else did either. This wedding contains László’s favorite group shot of all time: a group of groomsmen standing under an apple tree freshly green in Spring and laden with juicy red apples.

The St. Louis wedding took place in the famed “Butterfly House” which houses one of the world’s largest collection of living butterflies. The bride worked as a graphic designer at the well know firm of ProWolfe in St. Louis, a prestigious graphic design house. She chose László Bencze because of her familiarity with his commercial photography for annual reports.

More about the Butterfly House:

The mission of the Butterfly House, a division of the Missouri Botanical Garden, is to foster a better understanding and increased awareness of our natural world. This facility presents an unparalleled opportunity to impact science and natural history education, promote environmental stewardship through example, assist with conservation efforts and provide family recreation.
The Butterfly House is a not-for-profit organization which was established in 1995 to foster a better understanding of butterflies and increase awareness of the natural habitat in which butterflies thrive. Officers of the corporation were: Evelyn E. Newman, Lucy Lopata, Linda Penniman, Caroline Loughlin and Charles A. Lowenhaupt. The new facility was built entirely with private funds provided through donations of foundations, corporations, individuals and membership support.
Ground was broken in June of 1997 and construction began on the Butterfly House. The 8,000 square foot Conservatory Garden is sheathed in 646 pieces of glass, each measuring 4' X 6' and weighing approximately 200 pounds. The center vault, soaring 36' high at its apex, is one of five vaults designed to minimize visual (and flight) obstruction. Great care was taken in the design and engineering of the building to assure a natural and safe habitat for the butterflies. An additional 8,000 square feet adjacent to the Conservatory houses classrooms, a theater, visitor amenities and a gift shop. Christner, Inc., Bannes Consulting and BSI Construction executed the design, project management and construction.
The Butterfly House opened its doors to the public in September, 1998 and provides educational opportunities to a diverse visitorship. In 2000 the outdoor area known as the Native Habitat was dedicated. The Butterfly House offers education programs, special events, lectures and, of course, the chance to witness butterflies in two habitats, one native and one tropical.
In July, 2001, the Butterfly House became a division of the Missouri Botanical Garden, the nation's oldest botanic park and a leader in horticultural displays, research and education.
The Portland wedding took place in Portland Oregon at the Portland Tennis Club an exclusive private club with superb facilities and catering. The groom is the well known Portland Oregon dentist Robert (Bobby) Wagner.

The Salem Oregon wedding took place at Queen of Peace church in Salem Oregon. This was a second marriage for both bride and groom. They wanted pictures which were intimate, warm, personal, and real. Photography was very important to Jane and she chose Louis Bencze by viewing his sample album at the Carl Greve jewelry store in Portland Oregon.

The San Jose wedding actually took place in Mountain View California but I called the San Jose wedding because the name is more familiar to outsiders. This couple had heard of Laszlo Bencze through friends whose wedding László had photographed in Seattle Washington.

The Alberta wedding took place in Alberta Canada at the Banff National Park location of Emerald Lake Lodge. The lake truly was emerald in color and the weather was stunning. Eileen F. Michaels runs a famous public relations firm in New York and hired Laszlo because of a recommendation from another New York couple. Eileen was so happy with László’s gorgeous wedding photography. The album filled with sepia and color pictures delighted her.

The “Georgia” wedding took place on Cumberland Island, location of the famed JFK Jr. wedding to Carolynn Bessette in 1996:
The site of the reception was at the exclusive Greyfield Inn.
The wedding party rented the entire 13-room inn for the gala, buying out anyone with prior reservations, Brinko said.
A resident of St. Mary's who witnessed preparations surrounding the inn said the driveway was lit by small ground lights, or luminaria, ''like it would be for Christmas.'' She described the wedding as a small, intimate affair, presided over A source close to the Kennedy family said, ''If John wanted a quiet wedding, this is the way he would have gone about it.''
Staging the event at an inaccessible, offshore location and without the huge Kennedy clan in attendance was the best way to keep the wedding private and relatively low-key, the source explained.
The largest and southernmost of Georgia's barrier islands, Cumberland is a lush, marshy wilderness of an island, 18 miles long and 3 miles wide, first known as one of the ''Golden Isles of Guale.''
The Greyfield Inn, still owned by members of the Carnegie family, is so secluded that guests arrive only by ferry, private boat or helicopter. They communicate with the mainland by cellular phone.
Rates start at $245 a night for a room, or $350 for a suite. The charge includes the services of a naturalist to help visitors explore the island's 18 miles of unspoiled beaches and exotic wildlife.
The traditional, Southern-colonial style inn, now owned by Mitty and Mary Jo Ferguson, was constructed for the Andrew Carnegie family in 1901. The Kennedy family frequently vacationed there, according to Brinko. Other celebrities who have sought its privacy and beauty include Jimmy Buffett and Jimmy Carter, she said.
Cumberland Island is home to less than 100 people, and most of them work for the National Park Service, which is a major landowner. With pristine marshlands and a regal oak forest, a large part of the island was designated as a ''national seashore'' in 1972.
It is an intensely private sort of sanctuary. The island has no grocery store, no gas station, no commercial establishments of any kind, other than the inn. Only landowners and park rangers are allowed to have automobiles.
Two other island mansions -- named Plum Orchard and Dungeness, both also built by the Carnegies -- may have housed members of the wedding party.

The Laszlo Style The László Style explains László Bencze’s unusual approach to weddings which involves at least two full days of photography

Why I hired László Why I hired Laszlo explains one bride’s delighted response to her album, her processing finding and choosing Laszlo and also includes a lengthy set of pictures in which László explains how he thinks through his photography.

Why I didn’t hire László Why I didn’t hire Laszlo tells the sad story of a bride who did not hire Laszlo Bencze and lived to regret it. Laszlo had photographed both her mother’s and sister’s weddings. Sadly Holly was disappointed by the very expensive star photographer she hired in the Napa Valley and wished she had hired Laszlo instead.

FAQ or Frequently asked questions answers many concerns of brides as to how László works and how he manages to create his wonderful albums filled with sepia and color photography based on the work of the great masters of classic photography.

Praise and Testimonials is filled with accolades of joyous approbation of Laszlo’s masterly photography in both sepia and color.